Friday, September 7, 2012

More than you ever wanted to know about the four short videos

A few online videos have been published recently that I wanted to push, all focused in one way or the other on Elwha research. the first two are from the Elwha Science Symposium. The opening night of the symposium was held at Peninsula College and was free and open to the public. It featured Lynda Mapes, Jeff Duda and John Gussman...

Elwha Science Symposium - Monday Night Public Event from Peninsula College on Vimeo.

Then on Wednesday a panel of selected researchers, each representing a discipline, presented:

Elwha Science Symposium - Wednesday Science Forum from Peninsula College on Vimeo.

and this one is a recording of me speaking on the coastal response to the dam removal at the Science Cafe event in Tacoma in June. These events are was a true delight to give a full-on nerd talk with a beer in my hand.

And finally, a nice little synopsis video assembled by USGS of the Elwha sub-tidal monitoring program:

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