Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Sad Day for Coastal Communities

Dr. Abby Sallenger passed away today. You may not know his name, but for those of us that live in coastal communities you certainly know his legacy...and we are better prepared as a result of it. Abby was (and still is) one of the country's premier investigators of coastal hazards and has done more than pretty much anyone to help us understand the importance of, and plan for the sometimes destructive interactions between the ocean and human society. As a scientist he was a role model...extraordinarily productive in scientific circles, vocal in the realm of policy and government, and willing and able to communicate his thinking to a wider audience. Abby's legacy for me, as a coastal scientist, is as an inspiration, a role model, and a reminder that we have much work to do to adapt to coastal hazards. That won't change. But he will be missed...

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