Monday, February 3, 2014

Restoration in fast forward

One of the more dramatic and large dedicated beach restorations is happening right now at Seahurst Park in Burien:

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Projects like these - in which an attempt is being made to more or less re-assemble the historic morphology of the shoreline, are a relatively new thing. They take quite a bit of effort - its a full-on earth moving process:

But the cost is likely worth it - the expectation is that these sorts of projects provide all sorts of benefit. I am particularly interested in how these sorts of projects work in terms of the beach's role as a barrier against the sea. As a result, I was able to work together with Steve Roemer at the City of Burien and Joe Weiss at the Puget Sound Skills Center to get a time lapse camera up on the north side of the project looking south. Some of the first photos came in over the holiday and are here:

There will be more to come on this one...

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