Monday, May 8, 2017

Moving pictures of all kinds...

We managed to pull off yet another year of the River and Ocean Film Festival (the 4th one!), which I organize each year along with the North Pacific Coast Marine Resources Committee.  As I told the audience this year I'm in to doing this because I think that film is such a great way to tell stories about the places we live, and allow people to see and experience views and perspectives about their landscape that they never would otherwise.  This year we had a great audience and great feedback, but if you were one of the many people that were NOT there you can see many of the films (along with those from previous years) here.

And since we are premiering films, I also wanted to point towards a set of videos that we, along with USGS and the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe, just published on USGS's Youtube page.  They collect in one place all of the "transect" videos we've shot on the sea-floor around the Elwha delta...and since these videos are shot at a selection of "fixed" points you can sort of click through them to see how the sea-floor and coastal ecosystem changed through the dam removal.


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