Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Removal of Washington's Misawa Dock

Today Steve Fradkin from Olympic National Park and I presented a well-attended Studium Generale lecture at Peninsula College in Port Angeles - on marine debris in general and "tsunami debris" in particular. While I babbled on trying to provide some background and context to tsunami debris Steve focused on the implications and removal of the Misawa dock that washed up in Olympic National Park. The Misawa dock gets its name from its point of origin, in Misawa Japan:

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The harbor from which the Misawa docks originated. Of four docks, one did not leave Misawa Harbor, one was recovered on the coast of Oregon, and one was spotted off of Hawaii but subsequently lost.

My favorite part...this great time lapse of the multi-day removal of the dock from the remote beach south of Mosquito Creek. Check it out:

The time lapse makes removal look easy, no?

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